Shopping for new cars is more complicated in 2021 than anyone expected. Due to a myriad of issues, the automotive industry has seen plenty of changes. These changes have left shoppers to contend with a few problems when shopping for new models. If you are planning on shopping for a new car, SUV, or truck, make sure to read up on some tips.

The Computer Chip Shortage

One of the biggest impacts to the automotive industry is the computer chip shortage around Tonawanda. This shortage is affecting industries worldwide, preventing the manufacturing of many items that require a computer chip. One of those industries is the automotive industry. As most, if not all, new vehicles in production require a computer chip, many dealerships find that they cannot bring in new models.

This is a problem for those looking to purchase a new vehicle. It is harder and harder to find the exact vehicle you want in dealerships. However, don't sweat, as there are ways to get around this problem.

Social Distancing

Another problem many shoppers are facing is the problems of social distancing. Over the last year, there have been many restrictions in place all across the country. This prevented people from going to shops in person. As people could not go to shops in person, many businesses turned to growing their online presence, which is both a boon and a burden. For those unaccustomed to online shopping, this has become a problem.

Order a Vehicle Online

One of the answers to these problems is to shop for a new car online. As stated, many businesses, including dealerships, have turned to create an online presence to make it easier for customers to shop from home. While this can be a hurdle for those unaccustomed to online shopping, it can become second nature with time.

Shopping online can be done from anywhere, at any time. It is easier to browse multiple vehicles. And, if your heart is dead set on a particular new vehicle that is not in a dealership's inventory yet, you can pre-order a vehicle in advance. This means you will have to wait a while before receiving your vehicle, but it is one way to purchase the one you want.

Consider Certified Vehicles

Customers can also turn to certified pre-owned vehicles as well near Williamsville. If you are not dead set on a single new vehicle, a certified vehicle is another good option. As they are like-new vehicles, they come with less risk than a regular pre-owned vehicle. And they come with affordable prices. If you need a vehicle right away, this is your best bet.

Reach Out to Your Lender for Lease Options

If you have a lease and it is ending soon, this may also be a source of stress. You may be wondering what your options are in the current market climate. The best way to determine your options is to get in touch with the lender. Your lease lender will provide you with your options.

Rely on Us

When it comes to car shopping in 2021, everyone is having difficulty finding the vehicles they want. Visit us at Northtown Hyundai, or contact us, to receive tips and advice on navigating the market. We can even help you find the right vehicle for you. Rely on us to get you through these strange times. We are dedicated to helping out both new and returning customers.

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